Day 9
August 11, 2000


Sign in Malmo train station

We arrived in Stockholm early in the morning after an overnight ride from Malmo. Our beds were comfortable and the ride was very smooth, still, sleeping on a train doesn't come easily. After getting off the train our luggage was stuffed into three taxis for the trip to our hotel and we walked to the hotel while Dave introduced us to Stockholm.

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

After checking into the hotel, we regrouped for another walk, this time to Gamla Stan (above). Along the way Dave pointed out the location of the TI, known as Sweden House, where they sell Stockholm cards. We bought one.

We were disappointed to learn that a fountain has replaced the giant chessboard Rick wrote about in his guidebook. Dave showed us the location of the 1986 assassination of Olaf Palme, Norway's prime minister.