Day 6
August 8, 2000

Copenhagen to Aero


Tuesday morning, we had our final wonderful breakfast at Ibsen's Hotel, and gathered all our things for the bus. Dave introduced us to his mascot, Sven. Sven (right) is responsible for good weather (by doing moose dances during the night). If he overindulged in the evening, he failed and we would have a cloudy or rainy day. He got into deeper trouble at the end of the trip, but that is a story for another day.

Viking Museum in Roskilde

Roskilde is a village located at the end of a long fjord. Man has lived here since prehistoric times. About the year 1000 five Vikings ships were deliberately sunk in the fjord to keed invaders boats from getting any closer. In 1962 the sunken ships were removed from the fjord and displayed in the Viking Museum in Roskilde.

Roskilde Cathedral

The Roskilde Cathedral was begun by Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen, in the 1170s. It is beautiful, dramatic and filled with interesting things to see, including the tombs of 38 Danish Kings and Queens.

On the bus ride to the Island of Funen, Dave told us things about Aero. Ninety percent of the power on Aero comes from wind power. The farm buildings are U-shaped with a courtyard protected from the wind by the building. The fields are planted with rapeseed, from which they extract canola oil. But this crop leaches nutrients from the soil and must be rotated regularly. Elderberry is also grown here, the flowers are edible and used as an herbal medicine.