Day 1
August 3, 2000



Our Nordic adventure began about 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 2, 2000 when the Big Blue Van arrived to take us to the airport. Delta's flight 598 left Sacramento at 11:50 and landed at Atlanta about 7:30 PM. We left Atlanta at 9:35 PM for Paris on Air France. During our approach to the Paris airport we got a glimpse of the Paris skyline and the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately that's the extent of our travels in France, but we can now say that we have "seen" Paris. After landing about noon we caught a bus to another terminal where we boarded another Air France plane that took off about 1 PM and landed at Kastrup airport in Copenhagen, Denmark about 2:45 PM.

We arrived in Copenhagen two days early so we could overcome some of our jetlag before the tour started. It was made easier by the fact that we have friends in Copenhagen. Janice Bogorad picked us up at the airport and delivered us to Ibsen's Hotel, our Copenhagen home for five nights. We spent time with Janice's family over the next three days, having dinner at their home (Frank cooked) and visiting the Castle where they were married, Tivoli and a couple of places tourists don't normally get to see.