Jim & Geri's Weather Page

12:34 AM
19 Mar 2018


Current Conditions

Wind Chill: 30.2°F
Humidity: 86%
Dew Point: 26.5°F
Wind: Calm
Hi Wind: 2 mph 12:11a
Bar: 29.921
Rain today: 0.00 inches
Last Rain: 3/15 0.03 in
Rain YTD: 8.59 inches
Low: 28.2° @ 12:30 am
High: 30.2° @ 12:30 am
Inside: 71.3°F / 25%


Sunrise: 7:32am
Sunset: 7:38pm
Moon: New Moon
Moon Information
Sun Information
Avg Low Temp: 31°F
Avg High Temp: 48°F
Rec Low: 7°F in 1885
Rec High: 76°F in 2012

Data are collected with a Davis Vantage Vue installed Aug 29, 2017.

Web pages and graphs are formatted twice each hour by two Python programs running on a Raspberry Pi.

The sensors are not ideally
positioned so the rainfall and wind information may not be accurate.

NWS Weather School