Day 3 - Saturday, 18 April 1998

Saturday morning, 7 a.m., we caught the hydrofoil (Flying Dolphin) to Patmos. The speed is about 37 mph as opposed to the 12 or 15 on the Kusadasi Prenses from Turkey to Samos.

Patmos Island, Greece

A beautiful pink-tinged morning gave way to an equally beautiful sunny Mediterranean day. The hotel in Patmos was quite different from our experiences in Turkey, much more modern (and probably more expensive.) After checking in, we explored the village.

On our return to the hotel room, a plate of sweets and red eggs, together with two tall white candles had been placed on the dresser. It was nice to be at leisure for a couple of days, and a Greek Island must be one of the best possible places to relax and unwind.

J1206 - Skala Hotel
We spent two nights at the Skala Hotel on the island of Patmos. St. John wrote the Book of Revelation while exiled to the island.

We ate dinner at a nice restaurant up the street. A group was there, talking and sharing with each other. Two women at a nearby table were working hard to make candle holders from the bottoms of plastic bottles. Tonight there will be a hike up to the monastery, services will be held, and candles will be lit. The fire will be passed from candle to candle, and people will say to each other, "Receive the light."

Jim and Geri, however, will be sleeping - uh, make that trying to sleep. The fireworks (to scare away the devil) kept exploding all night long and through the next day.