The Greek Island of Samos


Day 2 - Friday, 17 April 1998

J1102 - Hotel Samos

By the time we got to Samos yesterday I (Geri) was not only exhausted but also still fighting the respiratory illness I had contracted at the Green motel. It was now a sinus infection, I slept a lot on Friday. Jim graciously did our laundry, and some local sightseeing on his own.

Jim and Becky learned that boats in Greece do not necessarily leave on time - they might leave half an hour early. We all took note of their plight (they caught a later boat) and made sure to be early when we were catching a ferry to another island or to Athens.

We later learned that there is another option on the ferry boat to Athens called distinguished class. However, we learned it after we were on board, and it was too late to get that comfortable service with sit-down dinner and white tablecloths. We had to make do with a sandwich from the economy section. Sleeping on the ferryboat was more difficult than sleeping on the train had been - at least the train did not have diesel fumes!