Day 16
June 15, 2000


Switzerland - Day 16, Thursday, June 15, 2000

Today we arose at 6 AM in Chur and caught the train to the Zurich Airport arriving there about 10:30 AM. We got Carolyn checked in for her 12:05 flight to Washington Dulles then sat with her until it was time for her to head for the gate.

Typical street scene in Chur.

Geri and I then looked for something to eat. We found a great bakery that had very good sandwiches for a reasonable price.

The luggage carts at the Zurich airport are made to be escalator friendly. Few people seem to realize this. It is very entertaining to sit by an escalator and watch people navigate the escalator with one of these carts. After spending some time at an escalator we wandered around watching people until it was time to check in for our 4:25 PM flight to Istanbul. We landed there just before 8:30 PM after the 2 hour 25 minute flight from Zurich.

We spent our last night at this hotel in Chur.

As we landed in Istanbul, Carolyn still had almost two hours in the air before she would land in Washington.

The station wagon from our hotel was waiting to whisk us to our home for the next five nights. The driver recognized us before we had a chance to find him in the crowd. Guess we are getting to be regulars here in Istanbul.

Our wonderful Swiss Adventure is now over. Darn! Geri and I are now in Istanbul and Carolyn is spending the night with her brother Michael near Washington, DC. Tomorrow she will drive back to Baltimore and cold, cruel reality.

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