Day 3
June 2, 2000


We left the apartment about 8:45 AM. Our first stop was the information center next to the train station. We were able to send e-mails from here. There was a modest charge for this service.

Carolyn looking over Lake Brienz

Jim's sister Carolyn is looking over Lake Brienz toward Interlaken. (This photo appears twice in Untours 2004 catalog)

Most Swiss opted for a four day weekend so today was like a holiday. There were LOTS of Swiss swarming over the countryside. We trained to Interlaken Ost, changed to another train that took us to Brienz. From there we took a bus to Ballenberg, a 165 acre outdoor museum of Swiss life. After a frustrating several minutes in "line" to buy our tickets we decided to return another day and left.

Typical Swiss Chalet

This chalet on the main street through Brienz is very typical of buildings seen in the Berner Oberland section of Switzerland.

We spent a large portion of the day walking around Brienz, the "wood carving capital" of Switzerland.

After arriving back in Speiz we stopped at the Migros grocery store before walking down the hill to our apartment.