Day 4
June 3, 2000


The jet lag had finally caught up with us so we soon agreed that this was a "veg-out" day. Jim vegged more than the Geri and Carolyn. They went to the Schloss Spiez (Spiez castle) which dates from the end of the first century.

The castle has carved wood furniture, doors and frames in the castle are quite large with intricate detail. The 1000 year old church on the castle grounds is very simple. Regular services are no longer held in the church but today there was a wedding ceremony here.

After scouring the castle grounds Geri and Carolyn walked to Spiez's Saturday market where they ate lunch before walking through the market. Items for sale included woodcarvings, beautiful glass and ceramic pieces, and flea market items.

Geri cooked a nice dinner that included veal, potatoes and green beans. Carolyn fixed a fruit salad. Fresh bread and tomatoes rounded out the meal. We decided the vegetables and fruits available at Migros are very fresh, quite good and reasonably priced.

After dinner the three of us took a walk around the harbor and castle.

A cooking area in the Spiez Castle

An old cooking area in the castle.