Album Description
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Monterey Bay Aquarium
There are 22 photos in this album, all taken by Geri when we visited there with her grandson and his wife.
Reno Balloon Race
The 28 photos in this album were taken at the Great Reno Balloon Race September 10-11, 2010 in Reno, Nevada.
  Triple D Game Farm
The 57 photos in this album were taken at the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana in May 2008. We photographed a wolf, a cougar, a snow leopard, a young grizzly, a black bear, and a tiger
Grand Teton NP
Photos taken in Grand Teton National Park in May 2008.
  Yellowstone NP
Photos taken in Yellowstone National Park in May 2008.

  Photos taken while driving across the Northern states of the US from California to Maryland in September 2007.
We also have three short videos from the trip:
National Bison Range 3:35
Glacier National Park 4:16
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument 4:22
  Monument Valley
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park on the Arizona-Utah border not far from Four Corners.
  Death Valley NP
31 Photos taken in Death Valley National Park.

  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Photos taken at the Desert Museum near Tucson, Arizona. Most photos were taken during the Raptor Free Flight program.


  Niagara Falls
Twenty photos taken during our visit to Niagara Falls in September 2005.
  Klamath Falls, Oregon
We spent a night at a delightful B&B here. Early the next morning we were treated to lots of wildlife. Here are eight photos taken at the B&B.
  Crater Lake, Oregon
Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US and the seventh deepest in the world. Fed only by snow and rainfall it is perhaps the clearest lake in the world.
  Portland's Japanese Garden
This beautiful garden is designed to give the visitor a sense of peace, harmony and tranquility. We spent a couple of hours here getting tranquilized and some nice photos.
  Two Weeks in Provence
This album contains 22 photos we took during our two week Untour in the Vaucluse area of Provence.
  Sacramento National
Wildlife Refuge

These photos are from a November 2007 visit to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is about 90 miles north of Sacramento just off of I5.